Moonlight Family

Our Team

Moonlight Family

Our Team

Meet the people who keep us going


Barbara Adjei-Mensah

Director/CEO Moonlight Family Educational Services UK

BA (hon) in Child Development, MSc in Education and Training Management and QTS in Early Years in University of Portsmouth.

Ten years’ experience in, teaching and lecturing in Child Development in Further Education Colleges/universities and schools in Portsmouth, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Assistant Director/Consultant

Alicia Gyimah

Assistant Director/Consultant for Moonlight Family Educational Services

Currently completing a degree in Clinical Psychology at Middlesex University.

Specialist in behaviour management.


Dr Sylvia Horton

Governor and Chief-Adviser in Moonlight Family Educational Services UK.

Currently Honorary Principal Lecturer of the University of Portsmouth after five decades of teaching and research in Public Administration and Management and Education.

Consultant to Portsbridge Educational Services (Nigeria).

Organises training programs for visiting Nigerian Educators.

Wide experience at both national and international level of working with educational organisations and teachers and trainers. Especially interested in education in Nigeria and Ghana.

Governor/ Maths Tutor

Miss Cynthia Philips

Governor and Maths Tutor for Moonlight Family Educational Services

Seventh year of teaching GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics

Educated to Masters Level in Teaching and learning with distinction

Qualified TEEF(Teacher Enhancement Effectiveness Programme) trainer

Ongoing successful pass rate with high capacity of students achieving significantly above target grade.

Former Company Director of successful light aircraft components company

Governor/Nigeria representative

Dr Stella Adagiri

Governor and Nigeria representative for Moonlight Family Educational Services UK

Educated to PHD level in University of Portsmouth and has been in the education industry for over twenty years

Director of Portsbridge Educational Services and Executive Director of Raberto School Abuja, Nigeria

Marketing Manager/ SEN Consultant

Ivy King

Marketing manager for Moonlight Family Educational Services.

BA (hon) in Child Development and Teaching. Currently Studying for a Master Degree in Speech and Language and Communication Needs in Schools.

Her teaching experience spans over 10 years and she is a Specialist in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Emotional Intelligence.

Consultant/Early Years Foundation Stage Tutor

Ruksana Begum

Child Development Consultant and EYFS tutor for Moonlight Family Educational Services.

Sixth year of teaching as Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher.

BA (hon) in Sociology and QTS in Early Years

Awarded Excellence in teaching by Ofsted