Moonlight Family Kitchen

We also offer weekly food budget and step-by-step recipes. We understand it can be really difficult sometimes to provide nutritional meal due to lack of time. We create a budget that will be within your food budget and we also use your favourite ingredients to create authentic step-by-step recipes that’s cheap, fresh and nutritious for the whole family.

Example of the menu

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner Desser
Sunday Pancake and strawberries, banana and honey smoothies Apple Tuna sweetcorn sandwiches Roast dinner Sponge cake and custard
Monday Porridge and raisins and berries Bananas Cheese and pickles or onion chutney sandwiches Bolognese sauce and spaghetti and rocket and pomegranate salad Fruit salads
Tuesday Green smoothie (spinach , celery, kiwi and apple juice) and scramble egg and toast. Plums Couscous salad Eggspat with rice/potatoes Brownies and icecream
Wednesday Porridge and berries Greek yoghurt and honey Egg and bacon salad Cream chicken and pasta Fruit salad
Thursday Mongo, apple and banana smoothie and toast and Celery and tomatoes Pasta salad Jacket potatoes (different fillings) and blue cheese stuffing mushroom Shortbread and hot chocolate
Friday Optional different types of Cereal Orange Tunas salad Pizza night Ice yoghurt
Saturday Blue-berries and white chocolate Muffins Cream cheese and crackers Beans on toast Chicken curry night Brownies and icecream