Moonlight Family

Holiday Schools

Holiday schools and play scheme for local, national and international children

AGES: 4-7, 8- 19



Our holiday school and play scheme offer stimulating and happy environment that encourages children to maximize their potential and accelerate their learning. With Moonlight Family we believe that children learn through experience, happy and comfortable environment. We do just that. Your child/children will learn through different activities with our excellent teachers who will support and explore different activities with them. We facilitate 6 weeks camping facilities, well-resourced and secured housing for your child nationally and internationally.


We provide holistic education during the school holiday, children will be entertained as well as learning. There will be a variety of activities for children throughout the week. Work-shops such as Maths, English, Science (ICT, Cording, App, little engineering), music and French


  • We help to develop personal and organisational skills which include (setting goals (short and long term), time management, life skills, encourage aspirations and career development);
  • We provide resilience activities help children persevere everything they do; creative learning through art, music, drama and cooking.
  • Different sports activities for all children, including swimming and football; children will also have a chance to tour throughout England, Museums, Science Centre and historical attractions
  • There will be fantastic menu for all children fresh cooked breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner, this reflect Moonlight Family philosophy, we make sure your child/children care for holistically our open hours is very flexible we open from 8 am to 7 pm during the holiday



The children will be very busy and productive from structured work to fun activities during the holiday. We got you all covered for every angle. Most our candidate are qualified teachers with enhanced DBS and fully certified safeguarding children, first aid and food hygiene.



Ultimately parents want their children to live happy and fulfilling lives and we just do that, with Moonlight Family holiday or not we believe that persistent learning help children to unlock their potential , practicing something every day will allow you to get better. We offer fantastic Maths games. Whether learning Maths through different activities from times table, statistics to algebra, Science through theoretical and practical aspects coding, ICT, Engineering. Our workshops are phenomenal every child will also have chance to enhance their English through grammar, spellings, learning words, book clubs, creative writing, poetry as well as French.



Our cookery class is not just cooking, we teach children the benefit of food, and how food can be beneficial for health and well-being, and we all teach how harmful food can be in our body as well. They will create recipes with fresh ingredients, from real meals to cakes.



Once a week children will have chance to explore a fantastic water park or luxurious swimming pool.


Outdoor games

Children will have chance to do various outdoor activities such as adventure parks, volley ball, football, in the beach and other venues.


Tour in England

Children will have opportunity to explore historic attractions and museums that promote education and learning. We will visit places such as Natural history museums, Science Museum, British museum ( London), D-day museum, Portsmouth Museum, Porchester castle, South-sea Castle Science Centre, (Winchester Science Centre); Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben and National Gallery.