Moonlight Family consultancy is all about parents. We are professionals who provide expert advice for parents. We utilise our long term practical and academic experience to advice parents on a wide range of issues. This can range from child development, behaviour management, household management, budget in, to personal and career development. We cater for all age groups genders, and marital status. We are here to help parents help themselves as well as their children.


Perfect parenting doesn’t exist and parenting doesn’t come with a dictionary or manual book. However, good parenting styles can go far and enable children to have good health and well-being, high selfesteem and confidence to achieve their potential. We offer advice on issues such as;


  • Parenting styles
  • Importance of personal, social emotional development
  • Importance of perseverance
  • Importance of good nutritious food/family meals
  • Importance of routine
  • Importance of play with your child
  • Managing changes in the family (new arrivals, moving house, starting school/changing schools.

We also offer advice on child development and academic education from Early Years to University:

  • Understanding Early Years Foundation stages (EYFS)
  • Understanding Key Stage 1
  • Understanding Key Stage 2
  • Understanding key stage 3/4
  • Understanding A level, Btec, and NVQ courses
  • Understanding University (UCAS applications, personal statements etc)

We provide Personal and Career Development for parents


  • Career advice for parents who wants to develop themselves. (e.g. start college, go to university, internships, apprenticeship, work experience/placements, college, and university)


  • To ensure you have correct documents for particular courses or jobs


  • Writing CVs and filling in applications


  • Money management skills (how to budget your money and save) v Work with us with or without qualifications, we provide in house training and NVQS (coming soon)