We are educational consultants who provide a variety of educational activities and family advice. These include- offering advice in parenting styles; personal support with weekly food budgeting and step-by-step recipes; financial planning and career development. We also run Breakfast and After-school clubs; half-term and holiday school/play schemes; Maths, English and Science, IT and Music tutoring work-shops.

The CEO’s message

I believe that all of us at Moonlight Family and you parents looking at this website share the same values and believe that every child is unique and has potential but in order to unlock and develop that potential they need opportunities and support. We understand running a home, raising a family, getting children to school, working part-time or full time or not working because of lack of support or lack of opportunity are all stressful situations which can impact on your children and their performance at school. With Moonlight Family Philosophy can help you and your child to achieve that goal. How can we do that?

We are not just an after school club to “baby sit” your child but we are an educational consultants who provide a range of activities that will enhance your child’s learning, health and well-being. We provide a positive environment that promotes positive thinking and wellbeing. Our aim is to assist in the development of emotional intelligence, health and happiness of every child in our care. We understand that when children are happy they are able to develop great self- confidence and that helps them to achieve their full potential.

Our curriculum is tailored to individual ability. Emotional intelligence is paramount in our curriculum alongside academic support such as home-work, English Maths and Science. In addition we also offer extra activities such as time management, organisational skills, sports (swimming, football, dance, as well difference outdoor games) cooking activities and sewing. Career development is one of the core subjects which will help children to find their passion and what they would like to do in future.

Food is one of the most important elements in our lives. Early nutrition is significant in children’s lives. Establishing and encouraging healthy eating can influence lifelong habits and attitudes towards food. Children will have chance to have fine dining style breakfast, snack, hot dinner and mouth-watering desserts. Our breakfast will consist of pancakes, muffins, eggs, toasts, and savoury-muffins, variety of fruit, smoothies, porridges, homemade bread and fresh juices. Our dinner will consist of roast dinners, curry meals, rice dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes, shepherd’s pie and stews as well as fresh fish meals including fish pie and pan fried fish with vegetables.

In summary our message to you is twofold Our main objective is to give parents a support network that will enable them to reduce their heavy schedule, by not having to prepare breakfast or think about cooking the evening meal and helping their children with home-work after a long working day. Parents can have dinner with us if they wish and there will be a menu to choose from.

Our second objective is to give support to children with their homework and to assist in their general learning. Younger children will be helped to learn through play using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum at the forefront and older children will more formally be helped with their key skills in English, Maths and Science.

Moonlight Family

Mission Statement

Our purpose is supporting families and children to believe in themselves and unlock their potential.

Vision Statement

To help and educate people to discover who they are not what they are.

Moonlight Family Ethos

Moonlight Family works hard to provide good experiences for our children, we create a happy environment to enable children to both work and play hard. We encourage children as members of Moonlight Family to respect each other and believe in themselves. We work with parents to achieve the same goals through positive enforcement of discipline of our children


We encourage children;
– To believe in themselves
– Be kind and sincere
– Respect other people
– Be gentle and thoughtful
– Be patient and forgiving
– Have a can do attitude
– Work hard and persevere
– Never give up
– Be respectful of other people’s property

Our History

The Moonlight Family idea was born years ago when I was studying my BA (Hon) in Child Development. I chose a dissertation topic “Low Socio-economic Impact on Parents with Young Children.” I found that most children from this particular group are more likely to be at the bottom of educational attainment and their chances of high social mobility was very low. The evidence was that this pattern was repeated across generations. I realised that we needed a pragmatic approach in order to eradicate this problem but I didn’t know how. I continued my studies a year later on Master Degree in Education and Training Management. This time my research was into Pupil Premium, (a government financial initiative to support children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds). When looking into the family backgrounds of these children it became clear that many were families that lacked practical support and networks. I saw a need for a Family and Educational Service and explored this further in my Marketing Strategy course at the university continuing with my own education, a year later I did another postgraduate course which led me to teaching and lecturing in early years development. Now I am on My PhD journey I want to use my professional knowledge and experience to help parents and children to overcome the disadvantages of birth and circumstances and to provide the support and networking which will make a difference to their lives. With the assistance of my wonderful team who are on the same page with me.

Our Team

Barbara Adjei-Mensah

Barbara Adjei-Mensah


  • Director/CEO Moonlight Family Educational Services UK
  • BA (hon) in Child Development, MSc in Education and Training Management and QTS in Early Years in University of Portsmouth.
  • Ten years’ experience in, teaching and lecturing in Child Development in Further Education Colleges/universities and schools in Portsmouth, Hampshire and West Sussex.
Alicia Gyimah

Alicia Gyimah

Assistant Director/Consultant

  • Assistant Director/Consultant for Moonlight Family Educational Services
  • Currently completing a degree in Clinical Psychology at Middlesex University.
  • Specialist in behaviour management.
Sylvia Horton

Dr Sylvia Horton


  • Governor and Chief-Adviser in Moonlight Family Educational Services UK
  • Currently Honorary Principal Lecturer of the University of Portsmouth after five decades of teaching and research in Public Administration and Management and Education
  • Consultant to Portsbridge Educational Services (Nigeria)
  • Organises training programs for visiting Nigerian Educators
  • Wide experience at both national and international level of working with educational organisations and teachers and trainers. Especially interested in education in Nigeria and Ghana.

Miss Cynthia Philips

Governor/ Maths Tutor

  • Governor and Maths Tutor for Moonlight Family Educational Services
  • Seventh year of teaching GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics
  • Educated to Masters Level in Teaching and learning with distinction
  • Qualified TEEF(Teacher Enhancement Effectiveness Programme) trainer
  • Ongoing successful pass rate with high capacity of students achieving significantly above target grade.
  • Former Company Director of successful light aircraft components company
Dr Stella Adagiri

Dr Stella Adagiri

Governor/Nigeria representative

  • Governor and Nigeria representative for Moonlight Family Educational Services UK
  • Educated to PHD level in University of Portsmouth and has been in the education industry for over twenty years
  • Director of Portsbridge Educational Services and Executive Director of Raberto School Abuja, Nigeria
Ivy King

Ivy King

Marketing Manager/ SEN Consultant

  • Marketing manager for Moonlight Family Educational Services
  • BA (hon) in Child Development and Teaching. Currently Studying for a Master Degree in Speech and Language and Communication Needs in Schools.
  • Her teaching experience spans over 10 years and she is a Specialist in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Emotional Intelligence.
Ruksana Begum

Ruksana Begum

Consultant/Early Years Foundation Stage Tutor

  • Child Development Consultant and EYFS tutor for Moonlight Family Educational Services
  • Sixth year of teaching as Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher
  • BA (hon) in Sociology and QTS in Early Years • Awarded Excellent in teaching by Ofsted