Moonlight Family


Moonlight Family is a consultancy that provides specialist services and educational advice for parents/carers and their children. We cover a range of educational activities and family advice within Portsmouth. These include offering advice in parenting styles; personal support with weekly food budgeting and step-by-step recipes; financial planning and career development. We also run breakfast and after-school clubs; half-term and holiday school/play schemes; Maths, English, Science, IT and Music tutoring workshops.

Our Capabilities

Our Services

Holiday Clubs

Our holiday school and play scheme offer stimulating and happy environment that encourages children to maximize their potential and accelerate their learning.

Family Consultancy

Moonlight Family consultancy is all about parents. We are professionals who provide expert advice for parents.

Out of School Clubs

Our flexible hours 7am to 7pm help us to provide realistic and practical and pragmatic support for parents and children.

Food Budgeting

We understand it can be really difficult sometimes to provide nutritional meal due to lack of time.

Tutoring Workshops

With so many syllables to cover in academic education, supporting children with Maths, English and Science at home can be a real challenge.


We also have pre-school programs to help parents